Santa Fe


Welcome to Santa Fe
Santa Fe introduces Non-fungible tokens into a whole new world of decentralized finance in an easy, secured and innovative way.
Trade, Invest and Play


Swap cryptocurrency across multiple chains in a seamlessly easy way


Swap cryptocurrency and add liquidity to your favourite pair to earn from trading fees.

Financial Censorship Resistance

Trade derivatives without any financial censorship using a secured and decentralized trading platform


Grow your investment portfolio by tapping into traditional investment assets in a decentralized way.


Decentralized bonds issuer for individuals and corporate institutions to raise capital for projects. Buy and Sell bonds as NFT in a fully secured bond marketplace using multiple currency option across multiple chains
Collateral and Verification by community is required before a bond request is passed.

Tokenized Assets

Interested in investing in Real Estate, Gold, Stocks and other traditional assets? Santa Fe enables tokenization of traditional assets and commodities as NFTs which enables users to invest and own fractional ownership of the assets.


Provide liquidity on decentralized banking protocol to earn amazing APY on your deposits + farming. Keep your funds safe in a financial resistance decentralized bank.


Play to Earn system with NFT and Staking

NFT Pools

Mint your own NFT from available pools by locking accepted tokens to participate in NFT Pool mining. Liquidate your NFT to retrieve locked tokens.

NFT Lottery

Draw NFT from Lottery and participate in NFT Lottery reward mining. Join lottery and draw up to 3 NFTs for staking. NFT can also be traded on Marketplace or hold as collectibles as it contains beautiful Alebrijes artwork
With NFT Lottery, Everyone is a Winner

Dividend Mining

Token holders can enjoy shares from platform revenue by staking xCIFI and sNFTV2 on dividend pools.
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